Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Maintain NOW or SUFFER Later

As the old saying goes, you will never get a second chance to make a first impression. The condition of your parking lot is one of the first things your patrons will encounter when arriving at your property and there’s nothing more inviting than the welcome of a smooth and clean driving surface of a well-maintained pavement.

FACT:  No one enjoys rattling and thumping as their car drives over pavement cracks and potholes. The extreme fluctuations in with the Mid-Atlantic climate puts major stress on parking lots and roadways. From the blistering summers to the snowy winters, asphalt is more susceptible to premature failure and deterioration if not properly maintained. Like landscaping, mass devastation can occur if you did not re-plant, fertilize, water or prune on schedule. The same goes for Asphalt; maintenance must be part of your yearly plan. Crack fill, seal coat and minor patching will SUBSTANTIALLY increase the life span of your asphalt.

The biggest killers of asphalt are SUN and WATER! The Sun dries the asphalt out, the other breaks it apart through freeze and thaw.  If left alone, unprotected asphalt will undergo significant cracking, eroding and crumbling as the beginning of worse things to come. Once this deterioration occurs, water can freely destroy your pavement by seeping underneath- leading to COSTLY repairs later. The most cost effective way to maintain your asphalt is using SEAL COAT- the sun screen for asphalt blocking out the harmful rays and provides a BARRIER to the damaging water. 

Thinking MAINTENANCE prevents major REPAIR!  Be mindful of the age and condition of your parking lot or roadway. Pay attention to the type of traffic you have and keep an eye out for any breaks, cracks or wear spots.  Paving companies offer a variety of protective coatings, material types and protocols for quality resurfacing.  Much more than aesthetics, a well paved parking lot is largely about SAFETY for drivers and pedestrians alike. It’s best to resurface now- than to REPAVE the entire lot later.

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